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RWC star recommends Sports Therapy pillows

Recently named International Business Times’ Rugby World Cup 2015 player to watch, Anthony Watson is soaring through to the top. When it came to choosing the right pillows for him, he wanted to make sure they had all the elements he needed for a good night’s sleep. He found his answer in Sports Therapy pillows.

Sports Therapy pillows have the same AIRFLOW technology as the Sport Therapy mattresses; essential for optimum airflow between the head and neck to aid recovery and ensure a restorative night’s sleep.

Sports Therapy’s unique cooling pillows have individually castellated comfort cells and 100% hollow fibre polyester. Like the mattresses, they also have the Bug Guard; which eliminates bed bugs, dust mites and bacteria. The fabric technology within the Bug Guard also alleviates symptoms of allergies, asthma and eczema.