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Sleep tips for shift workers

Working late night shifts can have a huge impact on your biological clock and sleeping habits. Maintaining a regular sleeping pattern is vital for good health.* If your work schedule is affecting your body clock, here are a few tips to get you back on track:

  • Aim for at least four hours’ sleep at the same time each night (e.g. 3am-7am) to keep your body clock regular
  • Try foods such as banana or lettuce which contain natural substances to help you sleep
  • Avoid caffeine, large meals or strenuous exercise in the three to four hours before going to bed
  • Use the weekend or ‘off’ days to get some extra recovery sleep
  • Create the right bedroom environment. Try blackout curtains and double glazing to eliminate daylight and noise
  • Invest in a mattress which will provide the comfort and support your body needs to give you the best chance of getting sound, quality sleep. Vogue Beds’ Sports Therapy mattresses use advanced AIRFLOWtechnology to enhance ventilation and keep your body cool. Meanwhile, multi-zone foam alleviates pressure points, ease aches and pains and carry you off to sleep with ease.