Vogue Beds

New Starters at Vogue Beds Group nominated for Awards

Three new members of the manufacturing team at the Vogue Beds Group have been nominated for DWP Kickstarter of the year awards.

 The awards are split into six categories which include; Gone the extra mile, Shown amazing innovation, Overcome obstacles, Helped others, Most progress made and Significant contribution.

Vogue team member Jordan Kenney has been nominated in the Overcoming obstacles category. This category recognises a young person who has had to address personal obstacles to enable them to complete a Kickstart job.

Tyler Meredith has been recognised in the Most progress made category. This award is for most progress made should recognises a young person who has made the best use of the employment support made available and made significant strides in their own personal development.

In the Significant contribution category Callis Payne has been nominated as a young person who has made a positive impact or contribution and a meaningful change to Vogues business.

Operations Manager Scott Tayor said “The scheme for Vogue has been a wonderful success. We have found three young people who have embraced our core values and thrived in the working environment. They have all earned full time jobs here at Vogue and been nominated for these awards. This is fantastic news and all credit goes to them”

Managing director Ebrahim Patel was impressed to hear that three team members had been nominated for awards and said “this is brilliant news for the team here at Vogue and it’s great to see young people coming into and thriving in the bed industry”.