Vogue Beds

Is it time for a new bed?

If you want to get the best possible night’s sleep, The Sleep Council recommends that you start thinking about replacing your bed after seven years.  Even though your bed may still look fine, it may not be giving you the support and comfort needed for a healthy and refreshing night’s sleep.

When you are thinking about replacing your bed or mattress, you should consider your lifestyle.  For example, Vogue Bed’s Sport Therapy mattresses are designed for people with active lifestyles.  The range focuses on recuperation after physical activity and comprises three models; Sports Therapy, Sport Therapy Memory and Sports Therapy Latex.

It does not matter whether you are a world class athlete or a sports novice, your body will benefit from sleeping on a Sports Therapy mattress.

At the heart of each Sports Therapy mattress is a cleverly-constructed, multi-zone foam unit with individual castellated comfort cells which create air channels. These enhance ventilation and airflow while cooling the mattress.  This special combination promotes therapeutic sleep by alleviating pressure points and easing aches and pains.