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Enhanced sleep for sports massage therapist and double Olympian thanks to Vogue Beds

Nick Buckfield
, sports massage therapist and double Olympian pole vaulter, is sleeping so much better now thanks to his Vogue Beds Sports Therapy mattress.

Nick comments, “I should have bought one of these mattresses ages ago. My wife and I both love it.” As well as being a qualified sports massage therapist, Nick is also an athletics coach and triathlete so sleep is important to aid recovery and boost sporting performance.

Nick continues “Due to my sport, I suffer from lower back pain which is so much better now.  The mattress is really comfortable and my quality of sleep has definitely improved.  Previously, we had an orthopaedic mattress which was hard and old.  We definitely prefer the Sports Therapy Mattress and enjoy the benefit of the Blu Cool Memory Foam. The only problem now is keeping the kids off the bed!”

The mattress is uniquely designed with the latest air-flow technology for breathability and comfort. It features a unique mesh border that helps propel air flow through the cleverly-constructed, castellated multi-zone foam unit in the mattress, to ensure the body is kept at the optimum temperature for the perfect night’s sleep. This design helps promote a therapeutic sleep, alleviates pressure points and aids and refreshes sports pains and aches. As a result, the Sports Therapy mattress is ideal for people with an active lifestyle.

Nick’s Sports Therapy Memory no-turn mattress features a hypoallergenic filling, BugGuard™ fabric which dispels nasty bed bugs and Blu Cool Memory Foam™ which ensures that body heat is not retained within the mattress.