Vogue Beds

Vogue Beds Manufacturer’s new 1.2 million Investment programme.

After a busy and successful year in the industry, the Leicestershire based Bed Manufacturer, Vogue Beds announces it’s exciting new investment programme of 1.2 million pounds over the next 5 years..

To kick start this investment we have purchased to brand new Iveco vehicles to add to our current fleet and  as well as new machinery. The two new vehicles means an increase in delivery capacity and improved services.

Two new machinery were also added to the investment, A new ‘state of the art’ border machine  –  Bordtac series 2, was purchased exclusively for our Hampton collection, this new side stitch machine can create 10 tiers stitched borders, also purchased was a new tape edging machine with a larger table for bespoke size mattresses.

  “ These are exciting times at Vogue Beds, This initial investment of £200k is just the start of a exciting investment programme coupled with moving to a new location in the next few years and the investment required in this move which will not only increase our capacity but will also make us more efficient ” said Managing Director, Ebrahim Patel.