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Vogue Beds asks: how much sleep do you actually need?

Napoleon, Florence Nightingale and Margaret Thatcher claim to have got through the day with only four hours’ sleep a night, whereas Winston Churchill needed regular daytime naps to keep going. How much sleep do you really need a night?

Of course, the amount of sleep needed varies from person to person; a regular pattern is the most important thing. ‘Making up’ your sleep debt with lie-ins at the weekend is not a healthy pattern and often over-sleeping can be just as unhealthy as sleepless nights.

No matter how much sleep you need, make sure what you get is quality rest, particularly if you live an active lifestyle. All the mattresses in the Sports Therapy Collection from Vogue Beds are designed for those who do some form of physical activity – from amateurs to professionals. In every mattress a unique multi-zone foam unit with individual castellated comfort cells creates air channels to create a cool night’s sleep, enhancing ventilation which promotes a better night’s sleep.