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Vogue Bed’s top ten tips for having a better night’s sleep

The Sleep Council recently stated that only one in ten of us is getting a good night’s rest*, here is the top ten tips for gaining a better night’s sleep

  1. Invest in a quality mattress – if you have an active lifestyle, a mattress from the Sports Therapy Collection from Vogue Beds is perfect to provide a better nights’ sleep to boost sporting performance
  2. Set a regular bed-time and wake up at a similar time each day – contrary to popular myth, a lie-in at the weekend will not ‘make up’ for having less sleep during the week.
  3. Turn off your television and computer at night – electrical items in the bedroom are distracting as the lights are a stimulant. Give yourself a ‘technology curfew’ an hour or so before you go bed.
  4. It may seem obvious but, avoid caffeine before you go to bed – caffeine stays in the system for 4-6 hours so cut it out in the evening.
  5. Likewise, don’t eat too close to bedtime – the body needs time to digest food and the digestion process can disrupt sleep. Going to bed hungry isn’t good for you either. Going to bed hungry isn’t good for you either.
  6. Have the room slightly cooler – the optimum temperature should be 16-18 degrees. Likewise, invest in a cooling mattress. All mattresses in Vogue’s Sports Therapy Collection have castellated comfort cells which create air channels to ensure a cooler night’s sleep. A unique feature of the Sports Therapy Memory is a layer of Blu Cool Memory Foam™ which combats the unwanted heat which memory foam mattresses usually retain.
  7. Do some regular physical activity – 20 minutes of cardio or physical activity four times a week should improve your sleeping pattern greatly.
  8. Avoid sleeping pills – side effects include dizziness, facial swelling, headaches and even sleep-eating! Sleeping pills also lose their effectiveness and have addictive qualities.
  9. Try and ensure total darkness – if possible have thicker curtains in your bedroom or blackout blinds.

10. Bore yourself to bed! Begin reading a challenging book and you’ll nod off in minutes.

*Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2096840/How–good-nights-sleep.html