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Top cricketer, James Sykes, takes a well-earned rest on a Sports Therapy mattress

With a testing career as a professional cricketer with Leicestershire County Cricket Club, James Sykes needs a good night’s sleep more than most. Now, having discovered the therapeutic properties of a Sports Therapy mattress, James has found the haven he was looking for.

“I can honestly say it is the comfiest bed I have ever slept on,” says James, “and it has helped massively with my recovery and making sure my body gets the rest it needs to give a 100% day after day.”

Sports Therapy mattresses from Vogue Beds are specially designed for people with an active lifestyle. They use advanced AIR FLOW technology to increase ventilation and keep your body cool throughout the night to maximise your recovery.  

“I really appreciate how good it is when I have to go and stay in hotels and compare them to Sports Therapy!” James adds. Now one more player can go in to bat at the top of his game.