Vogue Beds


All Swift Mattresses are ‘Vacuum Roll Packed’ and ready for you to simply take home today… there’s no waiting days or weeks for delivery. Once unrolled, yours will look and feel just as luxurious as a high quality traditional mattress. Drift dreamily away to your best night’s sleep ever thanks to our Swift Mattress Technology. 

Our specially designed foam combinations ensure your body is supported evenly, distributing weight and relieving pressure to promote good, healthy blood circulation. Imagine waking totally refreshed and revitalised every morning on a luxurious Swift Mattress.

We produce our quality mattresses all in house which we then vacuum and roll pack for ease of distribution – Right here in the heart of England! Unlike many roll pack mattress suppliers, we have been manufacturers mattresses since 1990. So, we know what it takes to provide a perfect night’s sleep!


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