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Sports Therapy’s season of sport

“This year, we have been enjoying a fantastic season of sport, from the Ashes to the Rugby World Cup. We are also looking forward to the UEFA Euro 2016 championships and the ever closer Olympic and Paralympic games. All of this is helping to inspire generations, young and old, to get involved, and get active.

Every active person, whether a Team GB athlete or a weekend jogger, needs the best quality and quantity of sleep to achieve these goals. This is exactly what inspired us to create Sports Therapy mattresses which ease stress, aid recovery and help anyone with an active lifestyle to be at their very best. Indeed, many champion and national sportspeople use our mattresses. Combining good sleep with hard work and dedication, we’re sure they will bring home some sporting victory. Good luck Team GB!”

-Ebrahim Patel, President of the National Beds Federation and Vogue Beds MD