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Sports Therapy mattress wins the race for Sophie Hosking

Olympic gold medallist and former Team GB rower, Sophie Hosking, knows well that athletic success is not just a matter of training. Rest and recovery form a vital part of any athlete’s regime and a good night’s sleep on a high quality mattress can make all the difference.

“Sleeping on my Sports Therapy mattress has made a huge difference to the condition that my back is in.  You spend a large part of your life lying on a mattress, so it is vital to ensure it gives your body the right support.”

Sports Therapy mattresses from Vogue Beds are specially designed to aid recovery and promote therapeutic sleep for people with an active lifestyle. A multi-zone foam unit enhances ventilation to keep you cool through the night, while individually castellated comfort cells alleviate pressure points to ease post-workout aches.

“The mattress helps me ensure a restful and peaceful night sleep so I am fully recovered for the next day,” Sophie agrees. “I would fully recommend the Sports Therapy mattress.”