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Olympic gymnast enjoys quality sleep thanks to Vogue Beds

Kristian Thomas has been a key member of the GB gymnastics team since the age of 10. The highlight of his career so far was winning and Olympic Bronze medal at London 2012 as part of the men’s team. He also won an historic individual Bronze medal at the World Championships a year later.

The artistic gymnast makes sure he takes times out of his busy schedule to rest and recover on the latest Sports Therapy mattress from Vogue Beds, helping to ensure he competes at a high performance level.

“Sleep and recovery is one of the most important factors for allowing my body to compete at the highest level possible” says Kristian. “After only a few nights sleep on the Sports Therapy mattress, I’ve immediately noticed the difference in the quality of my sleep and the help it provides to eliminate any aches and pains after a hard day’s training.”

The Sports Therapy mattress features luxury Talalay Latex for the ultimate in serene style and the structure is designed to help promote therapeutic sleep. It offers optimum support while keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter, alleviating pressure points and refreshing any sports aches and pains.

Its impressive air-flow technology and unique mesh border helps propel air-flow throughout the cleverly-constructed, castellated multi-zone foam unit in the mattress, meaning it is breathable and keeps the body at the ideal temperature for uninterrupted and efficient sleep. It’s the ideal choice for sports professionals and those who like to lead an active lifestyle.