NEW Truck at Vogue Beds

New Iveco Truck 1


After a busy and successful year in the industry, the Leicestershire based Bed Manufacturer, Vogue Beds announces a brand new truck been added to the current fleet of 10, this new truck is part of the investment programme  which started 2 years ago.

The brand new Iveco is a sleeper vehicle with new livery including a new logo celebrating our 30 year anniversary. Another new Vehicle has been ordered for the end of the year. These new vehicles means an increase in delivery capacity and improved services.

  “ These are exciting times at Vogue Beds even though we are living in uncertain times, unless we invest and believe in our business it's the only way we can move forward, so whilst parliament decides on our future this investment shows that we are not standing still this move which will not only increase our capacity but will also make us more efficient ” said Managing Director, Ebrahim Patel. 

                                                                             New Iveco Truck

The Vogue Beds Group will be exhibiting at this years 10th anniversary Bed show 

                                                             To be held at the Telford International , from Tuesday the 17th till Wednesday the 18th of September on 

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                                                                           Visit or call 01455 841257 or email

We look forward to seeing you at the show and in the meantime should you require any other information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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