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New Year’s resolution getting fitter? Sleep easily with a new Sports Therapy Memory mattress

Few things feel as great as an excellent night’s sleep after exerting yourself. The new Sports Therapy Memory mattress from Vogue combines comfort and recuperation!  Designed to improve the sleep of those with an active lifestyle, the mattress incorporates all the responsive qualities of memory along with technology to aid recovery after physical activity.

With a layer of Blu Cool Memory Foam™, the Sports Therapy Memory moulds to your body to provide maximum comfort and support, but keeps the body cool by not retaining body heat and combating the heat standard memory foam usually generates. Unique comfort cell technology promotes therapeutic sleep and relieves the body’s aches and pains.

 All mattresses in the Sports Therapy Collection feature BugGuard™ fabric to eliminate bed bugs and a mesh border to propel air flow.

 The Sports Therapy Memory mattresses are priced from £600 to £1,200 dependant on size.