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NBF Code of Practice

In 2013 the NBF launched a code of practice for all its members. This included a very rigorous audit carried out by an independent company that checked components, made sure all fire test certificates were up to date and that a regular time table was set up to test mattresses on a regular basis.

On the 1st of November 2013, NBF members who passed the Audit will be able to use the new logo.

Ebrahim Patel, MD of the Vogue Beds Group comments;

“You may be aware that there are ‘Cowboy’ bed/mattress manufactures that have  been behaving very badly and are bringing this industry in to disrepute, some of these companies are simply recovering dirty, soiled mattresses in new fabric and selling them to retailers.

There’s been a massive influx of zipped mattresses in the market recently, they are cheap and easy way to re-cover old, soiled mattresses without the need of any machinery.

It’s pretty clear that they don’t play by the same rules and probably don’t even fire test their normal mattresses or even have a scheme set up to do this.

So how can they say, they have 1000 pocket springs or wool fillings, that’s because they probably don’t.

We passed the audit back in July 2013, the first time around and a launch date was set for the 1st of November 2013 by the NBF, which is now in place.

The Logo represents what’s good about the industry and to ensure that all retail customers will be aware that upon seeing this logo, it will mean they are buying quality, clean divans beds and mattresses.

It will also start the process to stop these rogue businesses for passing off new mattresses for old mattresses”

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