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England’s Quickest Bowler Recommends Sports Therapy Mattresses.

Having recently been picked for as England’s quickest bowler and creating an impressionable image on the Twenty20 debut by hurling at 94mph,Tymal Mills, knew that only the best would suffice when choosing the right mattress for him and he wanted to make sure it had all the elements he needed for a good night’s sleep. 

“It’s perfect and one of the comfiest beds I have slept on. It lets me get the rest my body needs and helps it recover after a long day on the field. I highly recommend this mattress”  states Sussex’s County Cricket Club’s, Tymal Mills. 

Sports Therapy mattresses are made specifically for people with an active lifestyle – from casual joggers to professional athletes like the Sussex County Cricket team. Promoting therapeutic sleep, the mattresses refresh sports aches and pains and alleviate pressure points throughout the body.

Meanwhile, airflow technology works with the breathable mesh border to provide ventilation throughout the night and keep the body cool. The castellated multi-zone foam provides all the support and comfort needed for a good night’s sleep.

With a helping hand from a Sports Therapy mattress, any player can wake each morning feeling refreshed and ready for a hard day’s cricket.

For further information on Vogue Beds’ Sports Therapy collection, please call 01455 841 257 or visit www.sportstherapymattress.co.uk. For sleep and sport related suggestions, follow Sports Therapy Mattress on facebook and twitter (@sportmattress).