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Contract Beds for Academic Institutions and Budget Hotels

Here at Vogue Beds, We have a complete range of diverse bed frames and mattresses that are made of the highest sourced materials and so Vogue Beds are proud to say that we are long standing members of the BCFA, the NBF and The Sleep Council. Offering a range of beds that not only complete your healthy and pleasant nights sleep for all but also at low price to give you the best for your money and your clients or guests.

Contract Beds for Budget Hotels and Academic Insitutions

Vogue Beds have a range of contract beds and mattresses that explore the sleep and comfort of those guests living within student accommodation at an affordable price. Our lower budget Hotel/Academic Collection includes Guest ContractHeavy Duty Nautilus Contract, Nautilus Contract (Entry Level), PVC Contract, Classic PULLS Contract and an entry level contract for students called the Classic Contract.

These bed and mattress models are perfect for all types of academic institutions and hotels that endeavour to source high quality products that need to adapt to various areas of contract work, from B & B hotels to Student accomodation and the leisure retreat facilities. These specialised models offer the perfect compromise between comfort and quality and will suit lower price brackets.

Academic Sleepers

The Nautilus range of beds is aimed more for academic sleepers with unlimited functions to support the sleeper that will ensure a productive day at work and school. The Nautilus range of mattresses has your guests comfort covered with our Quality breathable fabric that ensures ventilation thanks to its open pores. In addition, a cover with climate control fibre provides for particularly fast moisture removal to ensure a completely pleasant sleeping climate. The mattress come in soft to medium feel depending on what you are searching for the fillings are compacted with quality wool to absorb a diverse range of weights. The contract beds within this range cover any size you may acquire with optional storage to best suit your needs, students come with more belongings that hotel guests, we’ve got you covered.

Beds for Budget Hotels

The Guest Contract is perfectly suited for those furnishing a hotel on a lower budget but with the guest’s comfort still the main focal point. It comes in a range of sizes from small single all the way up to super king depending on the scale and requirements of your business, whether you are kitting up a small B&B or a more extravagant hotel hosting larger families and groups. The Quality Cotton Damask Fabric weaves itself round a medium feel mix of wool fillings for that extra comfortability.

The Guest Contract mattress comes with air vents built in to ensure the durability of the product throughout the time your guests are staying as well as their comfort in terms of heat. Its well known that mattresses can compact heat depending on the materials its made up of, Vogue Beds offer solutions to every issue that may arise. The Guest Contract divan base is available in a range of fabrics to choose from that will allow you to further establish your hotel or accomodation brand within the rooms. We understand the importance of establishing brand within a business as it will leave your guests with a certified memory of their stay as well as satisfaction.

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Vogue Beds aim to offer your establishment and guests the highest quality sleep and keeping your budget in mind. Take a look at our Nautilus range on our website where you can research further into what best suits your price brackets and guests and get in touch today.