Vogue Beds

Choose a Vogue Beds mattress so the bedbugs don’t bite

A typical mattress may contain anything from 100,000 to 10 million bedbugs*. These pesky critters can live up to 550 days without eating while happily living in this warm environment. They bite any exposed skin and can suck up to 5-6 times their own weight in blood causing redness and irritation.

All Vogue Beds’ Sports Therapy mattresses are upholstered in a soft knit fabric which is treated with BugGuard™. This insect-control technology dispels all bedbugs including dust mites along with destroying microbial food sources and even mosquitos. The technology is commonly used in the medical field, filtrations systems and outdoor equipment as well as sportswear clothing to help ease symptoms of asthma, eczema and common allergies.

Vogue Beds’ Sports Therapy mattresses offer peace of mind and are specifically designed for anyone with a healthy and active lifestyle.

Source: http://healthguard.com/sleep-health/dustmites/