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A good night’s sleep keeps Yorkshire County cricketer performing his best

“As a professional cricketer for thirteen years now, it is very important that I look after my body,” says Yorkshire Country cricketer, Richard Pyrah. “We travel a lot and spend many a night in hotel rooms on different mattresses. So when I finally get home, it’s important that I fully recover and give myself the best possible chance of performing to my highest ability.”

A high quality, supportive mattress can make a world of difference in an effective recovery from the physical challenges of a cricketing career. “Since I’ve had my Sports Therapy mattress from Vogue, I have noticed a massive change in my sleep and recovery.”

At the centre of each Sports Therapy Mattress is a multi-zone foam unit with individual castellated comfort cells which create air channels. These enhance ventilation and airflow while cooling the mattress. This unique combination, specially designed for people with active lifestyles, promotes therapeutic sleep by alleviating pressure points and easing aches and pains.

Richard continues, “I would recommend the Sports Therapy mattress not only to professionals but to any sports person. It’s a great way to keep performing your best.”

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